Monday, February 3, 2014

How an Annoying Nigerian Girl ruined our Date

I just have to share this story with you peeps, a Nigerian guy who has lived abroad for many years in his early 30’s asked a girl out on a date but got very disappointed. Here’s his story, for the sake of privacy we’ll call him Tunde.

Disclaimer: It’s one man’s opinion only, quite rightly many of our naija chicks aren’t like this.

Here goes the Story

If you ever had the displeasure of asking a badly behaved Nigerian girl on a date you may have nothing to reflect on but regret. Quote me I said badly behaved because she messed up not before the date but after I had asked her out. She might think she’s clever to play a fast one on me but I guarantee you that she’s very silly not realizing just how much damage she may have done to her chances of hooking up with a real guy. 

No wonder so many Nigerian women are unhappily married, they think a guy who shows genuine interest in them must be a fool that must be taught a bitter lesson. Anyways here goes.

I met this pretty girl called Susan, light skinned and well shaped with a pretty smile at a garden in Abuja where I had gone to hang out with a friend. We kept exchanging glances from time to time and I must say I liked what I saw when she got up to meet with someone just outside the garden then returned shortly.

As a guy that goes for what he likes, I summoned courage and walked up to her to have a conversation. We didn’t speak for long as I wanted to leave with my friend so I got her number and promised to call her. Over the next two weeks I kept calling her daily striking friendly chats and hoping somehow we could connect. We couldn’t so I just guessed she hadn’t trusted me enough to want to open up hence why I chose to ask her out on a date which she sounded excited to go on.

Then came the particular Saturday and I was eager to see this girl whose sweet voice was in my head and her gorgeous smile a thing to look forward to. We were supposed to meet up at Jevinik in Garki 2 for what should have been an enjoyable twosome lunch but you can imagine my disappointment when she showed up with 3 other girls. What is wrong with this girl I asked myself, did she even think of whether I could foot the bill to host all 4 of them?

To make matters worse the girls were behaving like refugees at a relief camp waiting for food. I watched as they greedily eyed the menu ordering for food on the menu without thinking whether or not I could pay the bills. One mind told me to excuse myself and then disappear into thin air, the other said no only a fool behaves that way so I decided to play cool. After making their orders I discovered I had a bill of over N9000 to settle for these 4 hungry girls meanwhile I just had to pretend like I wasn’t hungry.

The entire time I was with these girls proved to be frustrating apart from the fact that they all had bad eating habits like talking with food in their mouth, chewing on chicken bones then sucking loudly at the juices within they also chatting loudly amongst themselves and ignoring my presence even when I tried to get the attention of my ‘date’ she would briefly attend to me then return to continue her chat.

When however they started gossiping and laughing at a girl and her guy who just strolled in, I had had it with her and her friends, it would seem some pretty girls don’t have manners and common sense, why accept to go on a date with a guy if you’re not intending on having alone time with him, is it the food or the chance to have a nice time away from your boring routine that would make you stoop so low as to act senseless? I’m tempted to think that the reason girls like these are often dumped is because of how silly they prove themselves to be overtime. Anyways I walked out on them after paying the bills never to see that glutton again. She called me a few days later to ask why I was so angry with her and I told her point blank, she has a bad attitude, needs to grow up and is very selfish and I don’t see why I should want to continue dealing with her in anyway. Case closed I’ve moved on but she still thinks I might be foolish again to fall for her as she sent me some silly romantic SMS which I haven’t and won’t reply, funny enough even Ghanian Chicks that I complain about to my Cousin don’t behave this way so what’s with Naija chicks and this habits of theirs?