Friday, December 13, 2013

Top 5 Private Universities in Nigeria

Private Universities in Nigeria are gradually becoming the darling of many in search of qualitative Tertiary Education. With the unpredictable academic environment in government owned Universities many consider gaining admission into private Universities to be a good decision. 

With a 6 month old ASUU strike just about to end you can understand why a 4 year course in a Nigerian Government owned University could last 5 years or more not to also mention corruption among University staff, cultism to name a few.

So one can relate with many parents and guardians who opt for private Universities in Nigeria - which among others have been labeled expensive or even overrated. 

Criteria for selecting these Private Universities
Do these Universities have standard academic programmes running? What about quality of their infrastructure (admin buildings, staff quarters, recreational facilities, hostels) and facilities (laboratories, classrooms, libraries) and the overall standard of their products when compared to other Universities in Nigeria? These are the criteria used in assessing them.

List of Best 5 Private Universities in Nigeria

Covenant University (Founded: in 2002 by Bishop David Oyedepo)
This is Nigeria’s best privately owned University having practically everything a modern day University should have in terms of facilities and infrastructure. What’s more is the caliber of staff the University has on its pay roll – experienced lecturers from both within Nigeria and a few ‘imported’ but renowned lecturers. We give it to them for being the first University in Nigeria to incorporate entrepreneurship training among its students but the drawback it’s too religious a school.

Madonna University (Founded in 1999 by Reverend Father (Professor) Edeh)
Madonna University is the first privately owned University in Nigeria. It runs both undergraduate and post graduate programmes in its 3 campuses located at Okija, Elele and Akpugo. While the strict adherence to catholic tradition is used in running this University and it may seem quite good to ensure disciplined behavior among students it must however recognized as a very harsh institution. None the less products of the University are taught self-reliance and career focus making them highly competitive in the job market.

American University of Nigeria (Founded in 2005)
The University known for using American based Curriculum for its academic programmes – it runs a partnership with American University in Washington DC - became the first Nigerian University to adopt the “one student one laptop” policy as a way of bringing its students up to 21st century compliant modern e-learning. The university has the most modern ICT infrastructure and has in its payroll expatriate lecturers with their wealth of knowledge and skills obtained from US institutions.

Bowen University (Founded in 2001 by Nigerian Baptist Convention)
The university with its 3 faculties currently runs one of the best Academic calendars among Nigerian Universities. Bowen is a fast evolving University ranking constantly innovating itself through its management practice and Academic programmes.

Igbinedion University (Founded in 1999 by Sir Gabriel Igbinedion)
Just like its sister schools under the Igbinedion Education center family, the University maintains high academic standards and quality Academic infrastructure although we could argue too expensive for the type and quality of programmes it runs but still a leader among private Universities in Nigeria.

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