Monday, December 9, 2013

5 Things Every Serious Nigerian Job Seeker should have while searching for a job

One of the major problems with the typical Nigerian job seeker is being ill-equipped and prepared for the job search. The truth is that most Nigerian graduates adopt weak job search techniques and hence why in addition to being unemployable find it hard to secure jobs – in any case jobs are scarce.

But to make it easier to find employment any serious Nigerian job seeker should keep the following at the back of his/her mind;

An online Profile
In this day and age failure to have an online presence whether through social media (facebook, twitter, linkedin) or even owning a blog of your own can add some enormous amount of leverage, giving your potential employer an idea of just how productive or otherwise you are – it wouldn’t make sense to refer them to mischievous online activities. A professional online profile enables you to build a reputation online that could sell you even during a job interview.

Effective Contact list
A list of contacts made up of other serious job seekers, recruitment agencies, HR personnel in various companies, active members of professional organizations or even online communities of professionals on linkedin or facebook is an excellent way to boost your job search as many of these contacts have access to information about vacant positions. They could be your next referral for your dream job.

Additional Soft Skills
Many Nigerian job seekers have few soft skills. By soft skills we mean skills not directly connected with your job but which makes it easier to get on with colleagues and clients. Skills like excellent written and spoken skills, interpersonal skills, analytical skills, problem solving and so on. These soft skills happen to be a huge advantage in the job search but many Nigerian job seekers miss out on it.

Bankable work experience
The catch 22 which many Nigerian job seekers face is this – you are not likely to be employed if you have no work experience but how would you get the work experience in the first place if you’re not employed? The solution is to volunteer (work for free with relevant agencies or companies) or participate in internship programmes that will enable you acquire both skills and work experience.

Business cards

Believe it or not a business card is a respectable asset to possess as a job seeker. It not only shows you’re professional but indicates readiness to take up responsibility plus it’s an excellent branding tool. All these qualities are desirable and serious employers who note this wouldn’t mind giving you a chance to prove yourself.