Wednesday, December 11, 2013

5 Scholarship and Financial Aid Opportunities that Nigerian Undergraduate Students should know about

If you’re a Nigerian undergraduate student whether in the University or polytechnic and you happen to be doing well academically or may be not it does pay to know about these scholarship opportunities because they may offer you much needed financial assistance whether in form of tuition or even ‘maintenance’ cost for many Nigerian students who may find survival in school very difficult.

Most of these scholarships just require Nigerian students to send in applications through their websites or directly through their offices. You may be required to write aptitude tests as well so get yourselves ready for that too. The scholarship awards may be cash donations/grants from the scholarship awarding institutions. Some Below we list a few scholarship opportunities for Nigerian students doing undergraduate programs to take note of; 

PTDF Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme
The scheme is funded by the Petroleum technology Development Fund, a parastatal of the federal ministry of petroleum resources. It is one of the best run scholarship schemes and awards

MUSTE Scholarship
MUSTE stands for The Mankind United to Support Total Education (MUSTE). It is a Scholarship scheme founded and funded by Mr Jim Ovia former CEO of Zenith Bank to provide financial aid to deserving Nigerian youths. The successful candidates receive funding for undergraduate study for the duration of their undergraduate programs and covers tuition and maintenance allowance. Over 1000 awardees have won various scholarships since 2003 when it was founded.

SPDC Joint Venture University Scholarship Award Scheme
This Scholarship Scheme offers first year students in all Nigerian universities the opportunity to study with an annual grant from the SPDC Joint Venture for the full duration of their course. The programme aims to promote academic excellence and improve the skills-base among young Nigerians.

University of Sheffield - Nigeria Merit Undergraduate Scholarship Award
Every year the University of Sheffield in the UK offers two scholarship slots to Nigerian nationals or Nigerians permanently domiciled in Nigeria.on merit. Each scholarship is worth £7,000 per year of study for all undergraduate programmes except Medicine and Dentistry. Students of Medicine or Dentistry will only receive the scholarship in the first two years of study. The scholarships usually the form of a fee reduction. 
Note: Applicants cannot apply for the scholarships before being offered a study place at Sheffield.

NLNG Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme
The scholarship aims to promote academic excellence among Nigerian students in tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Note: you can’t apply for this scheme if you’re in your second to final year, a part time student or a beneficiary of another scholarship scheme.

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