Friday, December 20, 2013

Top 5 Cities in Nigeria by Population

Nigeria is Africa’s largest country by population and the country with the highest number of black souls together on the planet. With an estimated population of 170 million people in 2013 as against 140 million in 2006 one would wonder which cities contain so many people and why. Here are the top 5 most populated cities in Nigeria.

Lagos (Estimated: 13 million Inhabitants)
By population Lagos is Nigeria’s largest city with an urban population of 13 million people who mostly reside on the mainland. The other part of Lagos surrounded by the Lagos Lagoon – the Island – is the high brow part of the city where fewer people reside due to high cost of rent and general living costs. Lagos used to be the national capital and is presently the economic capital of Nigeria accounting for 65% of the country’s manufacturing and 80% of international trade that must explain why the population is ever growing plus the fact that there are almost equal opportunities for all to succeed.

Kano (Estimated: 11 million Inhabitants)
Kano is the largest city in Northern Nigeria and Nigeria’s second largest city. As the commercial capital of Northern Nigeria it accounts for the highest volume of trade and commercial activities in that region. Naturally the population of this part of Nigeria is expected to raise sharply due to early marriages, polygamy and cultural practices which encourage women to have as many as 19 children during their child bearing years.

Abuja (Estimated: 2.8 million Inhabitants)
The capital city of Nigeria has been attracting folks from all over Nigeria particularly since 1999 making it Nigeria’s fastest growing city. Most migrants to Abuja are from the North and Middle belt regions with Igbos of South Eastern Nigeria attracting the largest number of migrants from Southern Nigeria. Most people who come to Abuja from the South especially Lagos want a fresh start while others want to exploit the heavy government spending and perceived cash filled city. Most of the City’s inhabitants reside on the outskirts of the city and in satellite towns.

Ibadan (Estimated: 2.3 million Inhabitants)
Ibadan the famed former largest city in West Africa has been overtaken by Lagos, Abuja and Kano. The so called city of ‘firsts’ Ibadan in South western Nigeria is predominantly a Yoruba town with trade and Agriculture as the mainstay of the local economy. Migrants from other Yoruba dominated states account for the growing population.

Port Harcourt (Estimated: 2.2 million Inhabitants)
Port Harcourt the so called garden city of Nigeria is the 5th largest city in Nigeria. The local economy is supported by petroleum industry but trade is another major source of attraction to many folks looking for greener pastures mostly from Niger Delta and South Eastern Nigeria. The city’s population is fast growing and could overtake Ibadan in a few years time.

Monday, December 16, 2013

5 Ways to Catch a Typical Nigerian Girl

Take it from me these methods have worked before, but don't come running back if a chic slaps you (may be you didn't follow the instructions well). If you're a guy wanting a relationship check yourself and see if you have any of these if you don't time to up your game.

1) Make it big!

This means get yourself a career that pays you well. It doesn't matter whether it's in the corporate world or in the hustling world of the street, if you have the spending power you're a hit with the girls.

2) Make a name for yourself

The girls wouldn't turn down a chance to have a BF that's admired and well known, it makes them feel lucky and every girl likes being lucky.

3) Dress right and tight

If you have an athletic physique and a fine face it won't fly with most Naija girls if you dress like a hard core born again (no offence if you're one) Your high class, fashionable dressing plus natural looks will sell you any day.

4) The Magic Word

Girls are sensitive to words and they're often moved to act based on them and many Nigerian girls have theirs. For some it could be Cash, others compliments. If you say her smile is very cute in most cases she'll be moved to think about you. Tell her you want to try out a game and need a partner. If she asks what's the game tell her shopping. Once again the magic words in reverse order; shopping, cute smile, cash to name a few. There are many more be creative.

5) Make her to feel envied by her female folk

Most women want other women to envy them. Buy a Nigerian girl an expensive item other girls crave for just as a gift and nothing more (while you're chyking her) telling her it's not a bribe, 95% of the time she'll give you her number if you ask her for it. The rest falls in place with time.

Has any of these methods worked for me? Your guess is as good as mine!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Top 5 Private Universities in Nigeria

Private Universities in Nigeria are gradually becoming the darling of many in search of qualitative Tertiary Education. With the unpredictable academic environment in government owned Universities many consider gaining admission into private Universities to be a good decision. 

With a 6 month old ASUU strike just about to end you can understand why a 4 year course in a Nigerian Government owned University could last 5 years or more not to also mention corruption among University staff, cultism to name a few.

So one can relate with many parents and guardians who opt for private Universities in Nigeria - which among others have been labeled expensive or even overrated. 

Criteria for selecting these Private Universities
Do these Universities have standard academic programmes running? What about quality of their infrastructure (admin buildings, staff quarters, recreational facilities, hostels) and facilities (laboratories, classrooms, libraries) and the overall standard of their products when compared to other Universities in Nigeria? These are the criteria used in assessing them.

List of Best 5 Private Universities in Nigeria

Covenant University (Founded: in 2002 by Bishop David Oyedepo)
This is Nigeria’s best privately owned University having practically everything a modern day University should have in terms of facilities and infrastructure. What’s more is the caliber of staff the University has on its pay roll – experienced lecturers from both within Nigeria and a few ‘imported’ but renowned lecturers. We give it to them for being the first University in Nigeria to incorporate entrepreneurship training among its students but the drawback it’s too religious a school.

Madonna University (Founded in 1999 by Reverend Father (Professor) Edeh)
Madonna University is the first privately owned University in Nigeria. It runs both undergraduate and post graduate programmes in its 3 campuses located at Okija, Elele and Akpugo. While the strict adherence to catholic tradition is used in running this University and it may seem quite good to ensure disciplined behavior among students it must however recognized as a very harsh institution. None the less products of the University are taught self-reliance and career focus making them highly competitive in the job market.

American University of Nigeria (Founded in 2005)
The University known for using American based Curriculum for its academic programmes – it runs a partnership with American University in Washington DC - became the first Nigerian University to adopt the “one student one laptop” policy as a way of bringing its students up to 21st century compliant modern e-learning. The university has the most modern ICT infrastructure and has in its payroll expatriate lecturers with their wealth of knowledge and skills obtained from US institutions.

Bowen University (Founded in 2001 by Nigerian Baptist Convention)
The university with its 3 faculties currently runs one of the best Academic calendars among Nigerian Universities. Bowen is a fast evolving University ranking constantly innovating itself through its management practice and Academic programmes.

Igbinedion University (Founded in 1999 by Sir Gabriel Igbinedion)
Just like its sister schools under the Igbinedion Education center family, the University maintains high academic standards and quality Academic infrastructure although we could argue too expensive for the type and quality of programmes it runs but still a leader among private Universities in Nigeria.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

5 Smart Ways to earn good income as a Nigerian Student

Many Nigerian students wonder what they can do to augment the income their parents/guardians hand them every semester as they rush to school

Scholarship/Bursary Awards
If you’re a first year student in any Nigerian University it’s always wise to draw up a list of scholarship awards available to Nigerian Students just when you gained admission into whatever institution of higher learning you’re at the reason being that from year 2 many Nigerian students are no longer eligible for some of these scholarship awards. The amount awarded as bursary or scholarships could range from N50,000 to N150,000 per annum depending on who is giving the award.

Freelance Article Writing
If you can write well especially articles then during your spare time you could make some cool money for yourself writing for freelance article websites such as odesk and elance. Visit their websites, register, create a portfolio of articles, a professional profile and start writing your way to some cool cash. The money is usually paid via western Union.

Are the likes of Linda Ikeji, Omojuwa Japheth, Jide Ogunsanya and Laila Ikeji not enough reason to take to blogging? These people are Nigerians living in Nigeria and making good income from a part time activity as blogging. You actually need less than 4 hours a day to do serious blogging but warning though it’s not an easy road to travel but brace yourself if you’re serious.

There are many secondary school leavers who want to gain admission into the University but don’t have someone knowledgeable enough to teach them. Here’s what you can do, arrange for some serious fellow students like you to organize tutorial classes and charge them peanuts. You’ll get a mad rush if they know you teach well but charge little. You can even organize tutorial classes for University students for courses where there’s mass failure or students have difficulty passing.

Freelance Marketing

If you’re not always busy you could use your spare time to help businesses look for customers. There people who pay for referring leads to them or actual buyers who make a purchase for something they’re selling. Good examples of what to market on freelance basis include; Apartments, land, cars and industrial machinery but you have to learn the ropes here and be patient because one good deal could put a lot of money in your pocket.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

5 Scholarship and Financial Aid Opportunities that Nigerian Undergraduate Students should know about

If you’re a Nigerian undergraduate student whether in the University or polytechnic and you happen to be doing well academically or may be not it does pay to know about these scholarship opportunities because they may offer you much needed financial assistance whether in form of tuition or even ‘maintenance’ cost for many Nigerian students who may find survival in school very difficult.

Most of these scholarships just require Nigerian students to send in applications through their websites or directly through their offices. You may be required to write aptitude tests as well so get yourselves ready for that too. The scholarship awards may be cash donations/grants from the scholarship awarding institutions. Some Below we list a few scholarship opportunities for Nigerian students doing undergraduate programs to take note of; 

PTDF Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme
The scheme is funded by the Petroleum technology Development Fund, a parastatal of the federal ministry of petroleum resources. It is one of the best run scholarship schemes and awards

MUSTE Scholarship
MUSTE stands for The Mankind United to Support Total Education (MUSTE). It is a Scholarship scheme founded and funded by Mr Jim Ovia former CEO of Zenith Bank to provide financial aid to deserving Nigerian youths. The successful candidates receive funding for undergraduate study for the duration of their undergraduate programs and covers tuition and maintenance allowance. Over 1000 awardees have won various scholarships since 2003 when it was founded.

SPDC Joint Venture University Scholarship Award Scheme
This Scholarship Scheme offers first year students in all Nigerian universities the opportunity to study with an annual grant from the SPDC Joint Venture for the full duration of their course. The programme aims to promote academic excellence and improve the skills-base among young Nigerians.

University of Sheffield - Nigeria Merit Undergraduate Scholarship Award
Every year the University of Sheffield in the UK offers two scholarship slots to Nigerian nationals or Nigerians permanently domiciled in Nigeria.on merit. Each scholarship is worth £7,000 per year of study for all undergraduate programmes except Medicine and Dentistry. Students of Medicine or Dentistry will only receive the scholarship in the first two years of study. The scholarships usually the form of a fee reduction. 
Note: Applicants cannot apply for the scholarships before being offered a study place at Sheffield.

NLNG Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme
The scholarship aims to promote academic excellence among Nigerian students in tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Note: you can’t apply for this scheme if you’re in your second to final year, a part time student or a beneficiary of another scholarship scheme.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

About Nollywood – the Nigerian Movie industry

Nollywood, is Nigeria’s version of Hollywood - the movie industry born out of the need for Nigerians to tell their own stories in their own way using cinemas and home videos. She became official in 1993 with the release of Nigeria’s first ever commercially produced home video “Living in bondage” starring Kenneth Okonkwo and a host of other Igbo stars. The movie which became a hit with local audiences gave many other actors and actresses hope of making a meaningful career for themselves and investors as well who saw the profit making potential.

By 2013 - 20 years later - Nollywood is one of the most lucrative sectors of the Nigerian entertainment industry producing movies in their hundreds and offering employment for many hitherto unemployable folks.
Movies produced are done mostly in English, Yoruba or Hausa depending on which region the movie’s audience are based. The Hausa have their separate coinage – Kallywood – and is extremely popular in Northern Nigeria where many Hausa speaking folks watch them alongside Indian movies.

The Yoruba movie industry on the other hand is highly prolific with many actors and actresses actively engaged in various movies almost on a weekly basis making it a massive movie factory. The English sector is dominated by Igbo traders who call the shots and parade themselves as marketers with the actors and actresses mostly from south eastern Nigeria (Igbo speaking part of Nigeria).

Notable Nigerian Actors and Actresses
Some notable actors and actresses in Nollywood include; Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola Jalade – Ekehinde, Rita Dominic, Jim Iyke, Ramsey Noah, Desmond Elliot, Richard Mofe Damijo, Tonto Dike, Funke Akindele, Aki and Paw Paw, Joke Silver to mention a few.

Some Problems Nollywood faces till date
Piracy is the main problem hampering the growth of Nollywood as it’s almost impossible to produce a movie in Nigeria without the pirates having a field day at the expense of the movie producers. Law enforcement against piracy is very weak making it difficult to arrest and punish offenders. Also the shot callers in the industry are traders who are only interested in the commercial success of movies but not the quality. As a result movie production standards suffer as quacks and inexperienced script writers, movie producers and other important personnel are poorly chosen to make a movie happen. There’s also the problem of poor government support since the enabling environment for the industry to really boom has continued to elude the industry due to failure of government to enact policies that favour it’s growth.

Achievements of Nollywood
Nollywood has become Nigeria’s biggest brand ambassador to the world as almost all of the black world including the Caribbean, West and Central Africa and even Africans living in the developed world look to them for entertainment and connection with Nigerian lifestyle.

Nollywood has also created employment for millions of people either directly or indirectly making many millionaires out of people who may have never had a chance to be financially independent.

The industry has also given some prestige to theatre performances and acting as a profession. Nigerian Actors and actresses who prior to the 1980s were scorned and looked down on by many as nothing but drop outs and people with little hope for success in life now command respect locally and even globally as they are often times viewed as role models by teeming fans.

Nollywood has also balanced the World’s misguided views about Nigerians as our movies give accurate description of Nigeria and its people.

Monday, December 9, 2013

5 Things Every Serious Nigerian Job Seeker should have while searching for a job

One of the major problems with the typical Nigerian job seeker is being ill-equipped and prepared for the job search. The truth is that most Nigerian graduates adopt weak job search techniques and hence why in addition to being unemployable find it hard to secure jobs – in any case jobs are scarce.

But to make it easier to find employment any serious Nigerian job seeker should keep the following at the back of his/her mind;

An online Profile
In this day and age failure to have an online presence whether through social media (facebook, twitter, linkedin) or even owning a blog of your own can add some enormous amount of leverage, giving your potential employer an idea of just how productive or otherwise you are – it wouldn’t make sense to refer them to mischievous online activities. A professional online profile enables you to build a reputation online that could sell you even during a job interview.

Effective Contact list
A list of contacts made up of other serious job seekers, recruitment agencies, HR personnel in various companies, active members of professional organizations or even online communities of professionals on linkedin or facebook is an excellent way to boost your job search as many of these contacts have access to information about vacant positions. They could be your next referral for your dream job.

Additional Soft Skills
Many Nigerian job seekers have few soft skills. By soft skills we mean skills not directly connected with your job but which makes it easier to get on with colleagues and clients. Skills like excellent written and spoken skills, interpersonal skills, analytical skills, problem solving and so on. These soft skills happen to be a huge advantage in the job search but many Nigerian job seekers miss out on it.

Bankable work experience
The catch 22 which many Nigerian job seekers face is this – you are not likely to be employed if you have no work experience but how would you get the work experience in the first place if you’re not employed? The solution is to volunteer (work for free with relevant agencies or companies) or participate in internship programmes that will enable you acquire both skills and work experience.

Business cards

Believe it or not a business card is a respectable asset to possess as a job seeker. It not only shows you’re professional but indicates readiness to take up responsibility plus it’s an excellent branding tool. All these qualities are desirable and serious employers who note this wouldn’t mind giving you a chance to prove yourself.